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The first phase of the redevelopment of Graham Street park is currently its final throes and it is looking fabulous!

photo 2 - Copy

The area has been given a new lease of life, and feels open and welcoming – there is plenty here for everyone.

There are new railings to make users feel safer, and which allow passers-by a glimpse of the beautiful canal views.

Thoughtful and extensive new planting promises to create a riot of colours, textures and fragrance to admire throughout the year, and no doubt will inspire many young visitors of the award winning Garden Classroom (

The attractive lawn area remains untouched, leaving workers and locals an idyllic space to loll about on sunny days. Panels have been erected to inform visitors about the interesting history of the site gathered from local residents.


Families will be excited by all the new play equipment being installed; there is a huge wooden play tower with ropes for brave children to scramble up, slides of varying sizes, toddler swings, mounds for tumbling, stepping stones and a good sized sandpit. There is certainly enough to wear the kids out!

photo 1 photo 2

So when will it all be ready?

The lawn and history panels are already accessible, and the rest of the park should be fully re-opened to the public by March-April 2015 (TBD). The redevelopment works are on schedule and due to finish by the end of February 2015, so if you want a sneak peak at the new stuff before the official launch then wander down and peer through the railings.

Is there more to come?

Yes! There are plans afoot renew the adjoining Islington Boat Club premises and ball-court too (

Want to get involved and to keep abreast of new developments?

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