Graham Street Park – check out our new bed!

Success! We had a busy gardening day on Saturday 25th April, blessed by a timely sunny spell between the weekend’s April showers. We managed to tame a mountain of ivy, and with much sweat and a bit of muscle we prepped the soil to give some happy, new flowers a new home. Thank you to the Angel Association for all your help and support.

Our next task is to keep these lovely plants watered with the assistance of little green fingers please! The money raised by the friends group at the fun day pop-up café has been put towards four mini, green watering cans which will be made available as often as possible, so please keep your eye out for them!

photo 1 - Copy (4) photo 2 - Copy (4)

Area before/after the gardening blitz!

photo 2 - Copy (5)

Some serious digging…

photo 1 - Copy (5)

Our lovely new plants waiting to go to their new home!

photo 1 - Copy (6)

photo 2 - Copy (6)




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