The last of the Summer Time …

Although November might start driving us indoors, we won’t be hibernating. Here’s an update all about our plans and schemes: 

frogspawn: Tarquin / English language Wikipedia

It all starts somewhere. Photograph: Tarquin / English language Wikipedia

  • We’ve realised Friends of Graham Street Park has a brilliant acronym lurking inside it: FROGS. So that’s what we’re now calling ourselves. (Whether there are any actual frogs lurking in City basin is moot … )
  • FROGS is hard at work realising its dream: a kiosk (ie a cafe, but we have to call it a kiosk for technical reasons) in the hut in the park. We’ll keep it classic: good coffee, keenly priced tea, wholesome little cakes for kids, wholesome big cakes for you, FRUIT if it’s not a cake-y sort of day, and ice creams. Profits to be ploughed back into the park, of course.
  • With a following wind, we’ll be up and running next Easter holidays. There’s a lot to do before then – hut improvements, buying a seriously smart coffee machine, deciding on recipes for the tastiest treats. For which, of course, we need MONEY. We’re pitching our plan as we write, but if you happen to be an expert on seed funding for community projects we’d love to hear from you!
  • When we get closer to launching, we’ll be scouting for people to volunteer for a couple of hours a week – either serving or baking. Sign up to hear more or drop us a mail.

AND FINALLY: Before the clocks go back, the council are running a gardening day on Saturday 24th October, from 11am to 2pm. Send us a photo of you digging for Graham Street, and we’ll stand you a coffee once we’re open!

5 responses to “The last of the Summer Time …

    • yes! great tips. we’ll be up on space hive and chatting to local schools once we know what we’ve got through ‘official’ channels. input much appreciated 🙂


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