Trick or Treat! Your invitation to a very special Halloween party

We are hosting a cheeky Halloween party this Friday to welcome in the winter chill and acknowledge that it is sadly time for the FROGS kiosk to say goodbye for the season.

We don’t like to go quietly, so we thought we would grasp the opportunity to party a little more with you all this Friday 21st October between 3-6pm.

We have free games planned, scrumptious treats to offer you, a little bit of tipple (yes cider and prosecco are back for 3hrs only!) and a new fancy hot chocolate…. for those who want to remember summer we have the last of the ice cream left and ice lollies too.

So please do come along to scare and impress us with your best Halloween outfits, crazy pumpkin lanterns and appetites this Friday.

Spread the word! All profits to the park.

PS don’t worry, we plan to reopen next Spring and keep your eyes peeled here for news and events. If you can spare an afternoon to help us next year please let us know – as many of you know we are staffed and run by volunteers so extra hands are always welcome!



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