Graham Street Park is located by City Road basin, very close to Angel and Old Street stations. It has an interesting history, some of which is celebrated on the notice boards.  Back in the 70s, Graham Street Park was saved by local action from industrial development.  The park was established in a beautiful setting next to the Canal, making it an attractive place to visit for the whole local community.

Graham Street is a ‘pocket park’ with an amazing range of uses for the local community.  There are planters for food growing and flowers, composting areas, and loads of opportunities to grow and learn to grow.  There is also a fun playground, a football pitch, waterside benches, a rose bed, and despite it’s small size enough room for picnickers, exercisers and yoga enthusiasts, dog walkers and more.

The Friends of Graham Street Park (FROGS) is a charity, established in 2015, with the purpose of providing a voice to the local community with all matters relating to Graham Street Park. FROGS opened a kiosk in the park in April 2016, (in the old park keepers hut) – the kiosk is run by volunteers and raises money to be reinvested back in the park.  FROGS volunteers maintain and develop the park together with Islington Council Green Spaces.

Find out about becoming a FROG by contacting: grahamstreetpark@gmail.com

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